Transport Management System

Transport Management System

Empower Logics Flagship Product “Transport Management System-TMS” helps to manage entire life cycle of a Transport & Logistics

Transport Management System

Empower Logics Flagship Product- Transport Management System TMS helps to manage all transactions such as load planning, tendering, placement, load movement and delivery. Manages various business models such as FTL & LTL, Cold Chain, Express Cargo.
Fleet Management System FMS manages fleet related operations for long haul, secondary distribution, and taxi fleet businesses. Also includes fleet maintenance, fuel management, expenses, and document and driver management. Customer Contract module is fully capable to configure Customers contracts based on Locations, Pin Code , City, Zone, Regions etc…
Empower Logics products are integrated with Business Intelligence BI tools to provide a complete Dashboard. Empower Logics offers ready to use BI templates to realize quick benefits of BI Finance & Accounts. It has a fully functional Finance & Accounts systems fully integrated with all operations module of Fleet and TMS. Data Integration Empower Logics can be integrated with ERP such as SAP and Oracle to exchange relevant information. The ERP can be integrated with variety of devices such as GPS, Hand Held Terminal and also sensors such as temperature and fuel sensors. API based easy integration is available to connect multiple ERP.

Major Process covered in TMS

Transportation Booking Process

Loading Sheet Preparation

Vehicle Contract

Docket Entry Manifest Preparation Pickup Run Sheet Preparation Booking Process

FMS- Trip Sheet Module

Customer Contracts

Vendor Contracts

Transportation Transhipment Process

Unloading Pre-alert Print Load in New Vehicle

Manifest Preparation

Transhipment Process Load in connection

Vehicle Stock Update Loading Sheet Preparation

Vehicle Arrival Update Vehicle Unloading Report

Transportation Delivery Process Unloading Pre-alert Print

Delivery Process Stock Update Delivery Run Sheet Preparation

Vehicle Arrival Update Vehicle Unloading Report

Delivery Run Sheet Update Tracking

FMS- Trip Sheet Module

Transportation POD Movement POD Process POD Scan POD Forward Delivery Update POD Receipt Acknowledgement POD to Consignor with Bill POD to Next Location Track & Trace

Invoice Process Invoice Bill generation Docket Booking POD Arrival & Finalization Docket Financial Edit & Finalization Bill Collection Bill submission update Generate MR Cheque: Deposit Voucher Cash: Receipt Voucher Update Cash and Bank and Account Receivable.

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Empower Logics is a company specialized in Logistics and HR Application Solution. Company Established in 2016. Providing Multiple Solution Like – Transport Management system, Fleet Management System, HRMS, Warehouse Management System. 

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